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Part six: American Druze Cultural Centers


The American Druze Society plays the major role in the advancement of the Druze Cause in the United States.  In 1990, aided by the California residents, it purchased a building which has become the Druze Cultural Center.
The founding fathers of the American Druze Society had a dream and noble vision that sometime in the future, with the help and support of all in the Druze Community, there would be a “Druze Home” for our people in the United States of America.  This dream became a reality with the Druze cultural center in Southern California. Our children now have a place where they can learn Arabic, their history, and their religion, and our adults a Majlis (place of worship) where they can gather to pray every Thursday night.  And more importantly, our community now has a place where they can meet and call ‘Home.’
Thanks to the moral and financial support of the Druzes at home and abroad, the Druze Cultural Center in Southern California serves as a symbol of unity, pride, and achievement. 
For the Druze of the United States, the Druze Cultural Center is a place to perpetuate their culture: to learn the Arabic language; their history, and their religion. In the Cultural Center, the Druzes know that they will both meet new people and renew older friendships. The Cultural Center perpetuates Druze culture and heritage through the arts in the form of music, painting, and in literature.


Druzes were able to accomplish this immense monumental dream through a labor of love. Their aim in building the Tawhid Center was creating a unifying force that is a glowing example of caring, loving individuals trying to preserve the culture, heritage, literature, and language of the Druze Faith.  In August 2003, the Druzes in Michigan opened their own Tawhid Center in Detroit. The opening ceremony in dedication of the new Michigan Cultural Center was October 28, 2004.


The Board of Directors of the Richmond, Virginia chapter closed on the Druze Cultural Center in Richmond in 2004.  Dedicated to preserving the culture of the Druze Faith, the residents of the Druze Community spent many years pursuing their dream for a Cultural Center.


The Druze Association of Alberta inaugurated their first Tawhid Center on December 23rd, 1994 in Edmonton, Canada. The Tawhid Center has provided the Druzes in Canada the opportunity to actively pursue the Druze values so that the strong family ties and social values have persevered.


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