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Druze Profile: Perceptions and Prospects: Druze Value System

Part four: American Druze Institutions

American Druze Foundation
The American Druze Foundation was conceived by men and women of vision and sound judgment concerned with the future of the Druze community in America and around the world.  Their objectives are the preservation of the Druzes’ distinctive religious and moral values.  The American Druze Foundation also provides the American Druze Society with added support and strength in the Society’s implementation of cultural programs preserving Druze identity.
The Druze Council of North America
The Druze Council of North America is comprised of fifteen Honorary Representatives of the Mashiakhat Al-Aql. These men perform the marriage ceremony when the marriage is within the Druze community. Some of them travel to other states when there is no representative to perform the Druze ceremony in that state. They also perform the ceremony for deceased Druze, and they are ready to assist the family in their time of need. There is an Honorary Representative of the Mashiakhat Al-Aql in the states of Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. There are two Honorary Representative of the Mashiakhat Al-Aql in the state of California, and four in Canada.  In Ontario, Alberta, Edmonton, St. Paul, and Quebec. Their names and phone numbers are listed in each issue of Our Heritage , the annual magazine of the American Druze Society.
Council of Presidents
The Office of the Council of Presidents consists of the presidents of the local chapters of the American Druze Society (ADS).  Issues ranging from membership drives to fund raising are coordinated through this Office, as well as the relationship between the chapters and the National Office.
State Chapters of the American Druze Society
There are chapters in the states of Boston, Massachusetts,  Connecticut, Central Texas, Georgia, Houston, Illinois, Michigan, North California, North Carolina, Richmond, Seattle, South Florida, South California, Tri-State (New York, New Jersey, --), Washington, D.C., and a Representative from Cleveland, Ohio and Portland, Oregon.
Memorial Fund U. S. A.
The Druze Memorial Fund was established by Dr. Abdallah E. Najjar of Atlanta, Georgia.  A funeral tradition in the United States has always been to collect funds for a charity or an American Druze organization. Those funds are sent to the charity or organization chosen by the loved ones of the deceased, either here at home or abroad, including The Druze Orphanage in Abay, Lebanon; The Druze Council of North America; The Druze Foundation for Social Welfare in Lebanon; The American Druze Foundation, and others which may be designated.

ADS Career Placement Network – Email Network
The goal of the ADS Career Placement Network  is to improve communication among professionals and students in the United States by sharing information and discussing ideas that will ultimately help the Druze community world wide.  The Network’s objective at present is to assist young Druzes in America in finding jobs. Eventually, the Network plans to make this service available to Druzes throughout the world.  The motto of the Network is Every Giant Tree Grows from a Seed.   The electronic mail network is currently called ADS-NET.  Soon, the American University of Beirut (AUB) and Beirut University College (BUC) now called the Lebanese American University (LAU) will be linked to the internet, enabling them to reach ADS-NET. , Fadi Zuhari operates the Network.

Fadi Zuhari was born in Beirut, and came to the United States to study.  He is a senior software engineer with the Supercomputer Systems Division at Intel.  In designing and operating the Network, Fadi Zuhari envisions better jobs, more cooperation, and efficient networking among the Druzes of the world. Part one: Introduction Part two: Social Values Part three: Commitment And Dedication Part five: American Druze Publications Part six: American Druze Cultural Centers Part seven: World Druze Societies Annual Druze Conventions Conclusion A note about Julia Makarem Bibliography Reference List