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Law Of Domestic Relations - Chapter 10

Child allowance (Articles 67-74)

Rules that a missing man with children for whose welfare he is liable and whose assets are with them, or deposited with another person; if there are any claims against him and his assets are movable, then the Qadi may rule that the children may be provided for from these assets.

According to Hanafi Law, the missing person pays maintenance only if his assets are of those categories from which child support is paid. Druze Law, though, states that payment is made from all moveable assets. If the assets of the missing person are in the form of lands, then money can be borrowed on his account.

This article does not state whether a third party who is holding the property or owes money to the missing person is liable; but it seems that the law relating to alimony also applies here. In the case of alimony, the third party is liable (Article 34 above).

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