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History of the Druze in America 1997

The American Druze Society Celebrates Its 51st Annual Convention

July 1 through July 5, 1997 were the dates of the 51st Annual American Druze Society Convention at the San Francisco Airport Marriot Hotel in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California..  There were six fun-filled days from early morning to the wee hours of the following day, and sunny California welcomed the guests with open arms.

10:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M
                                Hotel Lobby                                    
Tuesday morning from 10:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening, the Conventioneers registered at the Registration Desk in the  Hotel Lobby at the San Francisco Airport Marriot Hotel in San Francisco, California.  As the guests registered, many of them were overjoyed to meet with dear friends they had met in conventions past.  Many of the guests had not seen some of their friends since they had left Lebanon, Syria, Jordan or wherever they came from in the United States. The National Office extends their sincere thank you to the Registration Committee for doing an overwhelming job so perfectly.  The Northern California Chapter members worked diligently, along with the National Executive Director, Sahar Muakassa, throughout the Convention.

The Board of Directors of the National Office met under the Chairmanship of President Faouzi Mokarem.  The National Office consists of :

            President                   Faouzi Mokarem
            Vice President          Abdul-Magid Ghreizi
            National Treasurer   Sahar Muakasa
             President-Elect                    Julie Makarem
            Board Members:                   Yousef Abdul-Samad
                                                             Ziad Alameddine
                                                             Romana Alley
                                                             Ali Assaf
                                                            Hani Chtay                                             
                                                            Ramsey Kaed Bey
                                                            Joe Sefa
                                                            Fouad Sleem

            Convention Chairman 1997        Haitham Ballout, Esq.

            Convention Chairpersons:
            Convention Committee :            Northern California Chapter
                                                            May Malaeb
                                                            Rabih Ballout
                                                            Saud Attrache
                                                            Nabil Aridi
                                                            Khaled Abi-Chahine
                                                            Hind Bou-Salman
                                                            Linda Ballout
                                                            Rabiha Abi-Chahine
                                                            Souhaila Elbanna
                                                            Naji Ghazal
                                                            Teo Elmasri
                                                            Basil Elbanna
                                                            Fouad Bou-Salman
                                                            Yola Ahmadieh
                                                            Nabil Naim
                                                            Faouzi Barouki
                                                            Mahmoud Elbanna
                                                            Aref Ahmadieh
                                                            Fahd Chaaban
                                                            Samir Boushakra
                                                            Houssam Mattar
                                                            Hikmat Ahmadieh
                                                            Raafat Aboulhosn
                                                            Hoda Boushakra
                                                            Hikmat El-Attrache          

Chapter Presidents: Boston           Fouad Ghannam
                               Connecticut           Dr. Nabil Zahreddine     
                               Central Texas        Hani Chtay
                               Georgia   Sleiman Hamadeh
                               Houston  Camille Chehayeb
                               Illinois                  Adnan Korkamaz
                               Michigan            Amine Musleh
                               North California       Dr. Faouzi El-Barouki
                               North Carolina         Rabih Chaaban
                               Richmond          Nemat Shaban
                               Seattle                  Ramsey Salha
                               South Calfornia      Justin Budare
                               South Florida         Rifaat Alghawi
                               Tri-State  Ziad Alameddine                                        
                               Washington D.C.   Fouad Sleem
                               Ohio                    Farris Alameh
                                Central Florida      Issam Hatoum
                                Pennsylvania        Walid Rafeh                                


C.O.R.A.        Dr. Wahbah Sayegh, Chairman

C.O.C.A.        Sami Merhi, Chairman

C.O.E.            Dr. Abdallah Najjar, Chairman

Information   Fouad Sleem

The ADS Officers, Board Members, Convention Committees, and Other Committees met throughout the day.

The Druze Community of San Francisco, along with the Convention organizers, met to start off the Convention which was beginning that day.  It is important to say here that this community worked together and coordinated every detail so well that the San Francisco Convention 1997 will be recorded in the ADS archives as one of the most organized and successful conventions there has been. The six nights of the Hospitality Suite, with each night hosted by a different family in the community, will recorded as  Druze generosity at its fullest.  The ADS National President,  the Board of Directors, the Committee Chairpersons, and the National Office extend heartfelt thanks to each of the families for their generosity, tireless work, and the effort they made in hosting such a gala event each evening.