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World Druze Societies



In 1994, Mr. Mark Hamdan, a member of the Board of Directors of the Ameican Druze Society went to London to meet the Druzes of Great Britain. He asserted that in Great Britain, there are over 500 Druzes, most of who live in the London area, and they have formed the British Druze Society. "When I boarded the plane on my way to London, I was unaware that I was about to meet some of the most active Druze brethren in the world.  I knew London had a large Druze community, and I personally knew many of its members, But, what I did not know is how active that community was, and how organized its members were."  During the course of his visit, Mr. Hamdan received the answers to a number of questions posed by the American Druze Society.  The most important goal of the British Druze Society is to keep the Druze community united and active enhancing the spirit of fraternity among its members. The British Druze Society is dedicated to charity.
It holds gala events for fund raising, as well as social events.  Like the American Druze Society, the British Druze Society (BDS) has a charitable component with its main goal of supporting needy Druze communities in the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine).                
The European Druze Society was established in 1972 by the Druzes in Europe and like the European Community (EU), the European Druze Community is made up of fifteen member countries.  They are: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany,Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweeden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. There are two Druze Communites in Germany; Munich where the main team players are located and in North Germany, Westfalen. 
The Canadian Druze Society of Ontario, Toronto Chapter
The Toronto Druze community established the Druze Association of Toronto in 1969 and purchased the Druze Cultural Center in Toronto in 1997.  The Cultural Center features an Arabic school and publishes a quarterly newsletter in Arabic and English. 
Canadian Druze Society of Ontario, Ottawa Chapter

The Druzes in Canada have formed the the ‘Druze association of Edmenton’
 the ‘Druze Association of Montreal.’

Those in Brazil have founded the ‘Lar Druzo Brazilero’ or the Druze Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In Mexico, there is ‘La Lega Drusa’ or the ‘Mexican Druze Committee.’

A Druze Association has also been established in Buenos Aires, Argentina, under the name of ‘Association de Beneficencia Drusa’ or the ‘Druze Bacora of Argentina.’

In Venezuela the Druze have formed the ‘Venezuelan Cultural Druze Society.’

In Adelaide, South, Australia, ‘The Lebanese Druze Community Incorporated’ has founded ‘The Druze Hall,’ where the Druze community meets on occasion.
In Melbourne, the Druzes have established ‘The Australian Druze Association of Victoria,’ and
in Sydney, they have established ‘The Australian Druze Association of New South Wales.’
In Nigeria, they have established ‘Nigerian Druze Committee.’

Through research, I was able to locate other established Druze communities.  They are:
Upper Gallilee and Golan Heights in Israel;
Kuwait in the Middle East;  
Abu Dhabi, Alain, Dubai, Ras el Khiemie and Sharga in the United Arab Emirates (UAE);
Brazil, Buenes Aries, Venezuela, in South America; 
Montreal, Toronto,  St. Paul and Van Couvar, in Canada; and
Syria,  and
the West Indies. 
I have written to the representatives of these Druze communites, and I have received replies from a number of them.  MY goal is to get an estimate number of Druzes in the world.

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