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Chronology of The History of Lebanon

9000            First traces of coastal settlements.
3000            Trade with Egypt.
2000            Invasion by the Amorites, coming from the east.
1800            City states of Phoenicia become vassals under Egypt.
1100            Egypt looses its control over Phoenicia, independence is regained. Tyre expands and becomes the leading city state.
  867            Phoenicia is subjugated by Assyria.
  612            Breaks away from Assyrian control.
  590            Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylonia conquers most of Phoenicia. Tyre resists.
  539            Phoenicia is conquered by Persia.
  333            Phoenicia is conquered by Alexander. A siege of Tyre begins.
  332            After 7 month of siege, Tyre gives in. 2,000 men are crucified, 30,000 are sold as prisoners.
    64            Becomes part of the Roman Empire, Beirut grows into becoming a city of major importance. 

0                  The birth of Christ.
35                Disciples go to Lebanon to preach the word of Christ. Conversion to Christianity begins.
410:             The death of St. Maroun,
423:             Abraham of Cyrrhus, St Maroun's first disciple, called the Apostle of Lebanon, sets out to convert Lebanese to the Maronite                      Church.
635:             The death of Mohammed.
637:             Arab conquest begins. Lebanon resists, the mountain is not conquered.
687:             Maronites appoint in their own Patriarch, Saint John Maron who had been bishop of Batroun since 676.
694:             Army of Justinian II attacks the Maronites,  500 monks executed. Maronites win a decisive victory at Amioun, in Mount                      Lebanon.
1098:           The first Crusader kingdom is established.
1197:           A slow Muslim reconquest starts.
1516:           Lebanon passes to the Ottoman Turks, Lebanese Emirs resist, Mount Lebanon remains unconquered.
1585-1635:  Fakhr-al-din II Maan fights for Lebanese independence, defeats the Turks and creates Greater Lebanon. Syria and Palestine                      under his control.
1697:           Shihabs succeed the Maans,
1788-1840:  Bashir II breaks away from the Ottoman empire.
1842:           Druze groups remove the Shihabs from power, but Lebanon is still part of the Ottoman empire.
1840-1860:  Period of unrest leading in the massacre of many thousands of Christians by the Druze in 1860.
1914-1918:  First World War, the Turks try to subdue Mount Lebanon by siege. Famine wipes out over a third of the population.
1920:            Lebanon falls under French mandate.
1926:            The Lebanese Constitution is promulgated.
1936:            Phalange party founded by Pierre Gemayel.
1939:            Lebanon is put under French administration.
1941:            Joint occupation by British and free French forces.
1944:            The French government in London recognizes Lebanese independence.
1945:            Lebanon joins the Arab League of states, and UN.
1946:            French troops leave Lebanon.
1948:            Influx of Palestinians and the establishment of Israel.
1958:            Pro Arab Druze and Sunni forces try to overthrow government so as to unite with Egypt and Syria. Conflict ends after US                      intervention.
1964:            PLO founded.
1969:            Cairo Agreement signed.
1975:            War start between the Lebanese Front and the Palestinians. Left wing parties join in on the side of the Palestinians.
1976:            Syria fearing Israeli intervention enters Lebanon to stop the fighting with the blessing of the Arab League.
1977:            The Syrians become an occupying force.
1978:            The Lebanese front engages the Syrians in an effort to expel them. Israel invades southern Lebanon to combat the PLO.
1982:            June 6: Israel invades Lebanon for the second time, and this time centred to both southern Lebanon, and Beirut.
                     August 21: US mediation convince PLO that they have to leave Lebanon, multinational peace keeping force arrives..
                     August 23: Bashir Gemayel is elected president..
                     September 14: Bashir Gemayel assassinated.
                     September 21: Amin Gemayel, Bashir's brother, is elected new president.
1983:            May 17 Agreement signed with Israel, Syria and its allies attack the Lebanese government forces. Lebanese Forces                      defeated in the Shouf.
1984:            Multinational forces leave Lebanon.
1985:            Heavy fighting in southern Lebanon starts after withdrawal of Israeli troops. Palestinian-Druze-Shiite coalition defeats                      Lebanese Forces in the south.
1988:            Michel Aoun is appointed head of Lebanese government.
1989:            Taif Agreement signed in Saudi Arabia and is rejected by Michel Aoun. Elias Hrawi is elected new president.
1990:            After an all out Syrian assault, Aoun orders Lebanese Army to surrender. Aoun is exiled to France.
1992:            Elections for the new National Assembly boycotted by the majority of the population, but results are upheld.
1996:            Israeli attacks Hizballah in southern Lebanon and Beirut. shelling of Qana 100 civilians killed in UN shelter, 150 were                      wounded.